The Highlights of English Style in Burberry Designs

Burberry has been bringing English style to the world of fashion for decades with designs that are ready for the rains of London. The brand produces iconic bags, ready-to-wear clothing and has given a touch of sex appeal to everything from coats to mackintonsasses. The highlights of Burberry’s English style are the infamous check that shows the world you are wearing Burberry and the coats that changed fashion forever. Burberry truly is an image of English fashion, which is why it is highly demanded all over the world. Learn why Burberry attained such a popularity.

The Burberry Check

Originally created in the 1920’s, the Burberry check was designed as the lining for Burberry’s trench coats. The original design features tan, white, black and red lines to create the infamous look. The check’s popularity grew, making it a common design for scarves, bags, women’s wear and more. The plaid-like design is a symbol of British style, bringing a touch of London fashion to the entire world.

The classic check is now available in a wide range of options including:

The House- the classic check without the Burberry Equestrian Knight

The Haymarket- The classic check design featuring the Burberry Equestrian Knight

The Nova- a newer, larger pattern that features a cream/tan background with vertical and horizontal red and black stripes.

The Supernova – similar to the Nova design, but much larger.

The Smoked Check- the classic design, with darker colors.

The Beat- a black and white version of the classic check.

The Exploded Check – A check featuring metallic colors, often found in silver

The Burberry trench coat

Thomas Burberry began creating the iconic coats when he was commissioned in 1914 by the War Office to adapt an officer’s traditional coat into something that could suit the wet weather conditions in Europe. The result became known as the trench coat. After the war, the coats waterproof style made it a popular choice for those looking for fashionable, practical clothes. The coats popularity skyrocketed when Hollywood Legends began wearing Burberry trench coats both in films and on the streets. Humphrey Bogart wore a Burberry trench coat in Casablanca and Audrey Hepburn showed just how feminine the coat could be when she wore one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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