The Highlights of English Style in Burberry Designs

Burberry has been bringing English style to the world of fashion for decades with designs that are ready for the rains of London. The brand produces iconic bags, ready-to-wear clothing and has given a touch of sex appeal to everything from coats to mackintonsasses. The highlights of Burberry’s English style are the infamous check that shows the world you are wearing Burberry and the coats that changed fashion forever. Burberry truly is an image of English fashion, which is why it is highly demanded all over the world. Learn why Burberry attained such a popularity.

The Burberry Check

Originally created in the 1920’s, the Burberry check was designed as the lining for Burberry’s trench coats. The original design features tan, white, black and red lines to create the infamous look. The check’s popularity grew, making it a common design for scarves, bags, women’s wear and more. The plaid-like design is a symbol of British style, bringing a touch of London fashion to the entire world.

The classic check is now available in a wide range of options including:

The House- the classic check without the Burberry Equestrian Knight

The Haymarket- The classic check design featuring the Burberry Equestrian Knight

The Nova- a newer, larger pattern that features a cream/tan background with vertical and horizontal red and black stripes.

The Supernova – similar to the Nova design, but much larger.

The Smoked Check- the classic design, with darker colors.

The Beat- a black and white version of the classic check.

The Exploded Check – A check featuring metallic colors, often found in silver

The Burberry trench coat

Thomas Burberry began creating the iconic coats when he was commissioned in 1914 by the War Office to adapt an officer’s traditional coat into something that could suit the wet weather conditions in Europe. The result became known as the trench coat. After the war, the coats waterproof style made it a popular choice for those looking for fashionable, practical clothes. The coats popularity skyrocketed when Hollywood Legends began wearing Burberry trench coats both in films and on the streets. Humphrey Bogart wore a Burberry trench coat in Casablanca and Audrey Hepburn showed just how feminine the coat could be when she wore one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Merrell Shoes: Treat Your Feet to the Ultimate in Comfort

When it comes to footwear, fit is foremost. Merrell has been crafting precision fit shoes for nearly 30 years, ensuring the utmost in comfort and support. Unlike other comfort shoes, Merrell offers the latest styles and designs, so you don’t have to compromise fashion for fit. Anyone who’s suffered through shoes that don’t fit well knows how negatively it can impact your posture, mood and overall comfort. If you’re ready to find an affordable, great looking pair of comfortable shoes, then take a look at the impressive selection available from Merrell.

Merrell Women’s Arabesque

The Women’s Arabesque model is an excellent example of fashionable comfort. Available in chic colors like black, brown, India ink, gunsmoke, stone, taupe, lilac and black with gold, these sporty little sneakers feature a four-way stretch upper made of breathable mesh and a center zip for super easy on and off wear. There’s no fussing with laces or struggling with improper fit. An anatomical footbed with patented Q-Form alignment keeps every stride supported and straight. And the rubber outsole provides superior traction, shock absorption and flexibility.

Merrell Women’s Encore Breeze

Everyone loves slide on shoes, especially in the warm weather. But traditional slides can rub and chafe, leaving you with those unsightly blisters we all know too well. Merrel’s Encore Breeze lets your feet feel the freedom of spring and summer while providing amazing cushioning and support, and without one iota of rubbing. This sassy little shoe is available in beige mesh, black mesh, slate leather mesh and lilac leather mesh. Complete with Merrell’s unique air cushion and stride alignment systems, the Encore Breeze features a sleek, foam padded collar that provides tons of cushioning without appearing bulky or causing chafing. The Encore Breeze is also made entirely with man-made materials, making it a vegan friendly option for eco-conscious consumers.

Merrell Women’s Encore Nova

For a sleek and polished looking shoe that doesn’t skimp on comfort, you can’t beat the Merrell Women’s Encore Nova. Available in black or brown leather, this shoe is perfect for work or formal occasions. The Encore Nova features Strobel construction, giving it unparalleled comfort and flexibility with each and every step. Its mesh lining is ultra breathable and is treated with a patented antimicrobial solution to ensure the utmost comfort and freshness. The unique air cushion in the heel lends extra stability and absorbs shock for hour after hour of comfort. Wear the Encore Nova with slacks for a polished business look, or with jeans for a casual, yet refined ensemble.

Merrell Circuit Breeze Mary Jane

The Mary Jane is a timelessly adorable shoe style. Pair it with all the comfort and light weight flexibility of a Merrell shoe, and you’ve got the very best in fashion and fit. This model is available in black, deep tan, taupe, violet and bamboo. In addition to its feminine, flirty style, what makes this shoe ideal for warm weather is the water-resistant leather. The removable insole is easy to take out for cleaning or drying. It’s durable, comfortable and chic. What more could you want in a shoe?

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc

Merrell hasn’t forgotten about the gentlemen. The Jungle Moc, available in gunsmoke suede or brown nubuck is a durable after sport slip on that’s meant to last. The water resistant leather upper, Nylex lining, compression molded footframe and air cushion midsole make for unbeatable comfort and stability. This sleek, fashionable shoe keeps your feet feeling and looking great wherever you go.

Merrell Men’s World Legend

The World Legend is designed for the man on the go. This sturdy, rugged shoe features full grain leather stitching, a unique air cushion heel and molded arch shank for ultimate stability, support and shock absorption. With a handsome, masculine design, this shoe is perfect for seeing the world in style.

Merrell Men’s Moab

Merrell’s Moab is the ideal shoe for globe trekking adventure. Its tough Gore Tex construction, waterproof upper, breathable mesh tongue, air cushion midsole and compression molded arch shank provide excellent stability, shock absorption and comfort, whether you’re strolling down an urban street or hiking through the woods. This is a masculine, rugged shoe that’s still refined and stylish.

The right shoes can affect your overall comfort each and every day. Merrell shoes provide the comfort and flexibility your feet deserve. And with so many attractive styles to choose from, you won’t have to skimp on fashion. If you’re ready to treat your feet to unparalleled cushioning and support, explore the impressive line of Merrell shoes today.

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Hello From Nova Scotia – Learning About Native Heritage at the Bear River First Nation Heritage

About an hour after my departure from Annapolis Royal after a beautiful drive along the shoreline of the Annapolis Basin and through the early fall colours of the Bear River Valley, (also known as “Little Switzerland”. I arrived at the Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre. I was greeted by Wanda Joudry-Finigan and Robert (Robbie) McEwan, while Frederick Harlow was manning the cash register. All are members of the Bear River First Nation, and Wanda and Robbie proceeded to celebrate my arrival with a special welcome song.

Wanda explained that the song invites our mutual relatives, grandfathers and ancestors to join us at this occasion. The lobby of the Centre holds various artifacts and a Heritage Gallery that pays homage to current and former Chiefs and Elders of the Bear River First Nation. Wanda pointed out present Chief Frank Meuse Junior who also operates a lodge for adults and youth alike who wish to learn about the Mi’kmaq culture. Another image was of Agnes Potter, a celebrated leader and respected Elder of the Bear River First Nation.

Then I was invited to view a brief movie about Willie Meuse, Frank’s grandfather, shown in footage from the 1930s on the Bear River. The film also highlighted the construction and launching of the first birch bark canoe built since 1927. The launching took place in 2004 and speaks to the importance of the ancestors.

We left the vestibule and entered a large multi-purpose room housing a variety of interpretive displays about the life and history of the Mi’kmaq First Nation. This room is also used for theatre productions, games of sports for the youth, community card parties, holiday feasts and presentations. Frederick joined me and gave me an overview of the birch bark canoe. He explained that the canoe weighs about 90 to 95 pounds and was constructed using authentic historical canoe-building methods used in the area. The canoe is a sea-going canoe, evidenced by the high rise in the middle. Fresh-water canoes do not feature a rise in the middle of the canoe.

The vessel is constructed of various types of wood including ash and birch and the outside is covered with birch bark. Any potential openings in the canoe’s skin are patched up with a mixture of spruce gum and bear grease. Canoes used to be the main form of transportation for the First Nations People and their navigation skills, fishing and hunting knowledge helped the French settlers when they first came to this area in the 1600s. This life-size canoe was made by Todd Labrador and Cory Ryan who is a seventh generation descendent of Malti Pictou, a well-known Bear River Mi’kmaq guide. Before Cory, he was the last person to make a birch bark canoe in the area.

The next exhibit featured a variety of arts and crafts that are produced here using Mi’kmaq artistic traditions. Robbie came over to give me more insight into some of the local arts and crafts. He explained that leather is worked to produce mittens, jackets, dresses, moccasins and other items. Dreamcatchers are an important symbol to the Mi’kmaq. With their intricate web-like design they are hung to catch dreams floating through the night air. There is a saying that dreamcatchers let the good dreams through but protect you from the bad dreams.

Jewellery is made using a variety of glass beads, bone beads as well as imitation sinew. In the past moose tendons were used to produce the pendants and bracelets. Decorated deer and moose hide are available for purchase as well. Robert indicated that he recently made an ornate dress for a native chief in Newfoundland. His artistic skills are evidenced by some of the most impressive pieces of work: Robert showed me a decorative jewellery box that he is currently working on. The box is made of birch bark and porcupine quills, bordered with sweet grass whose scent I was able to smell. He explained that porcupine quills are easily removed from the animal, and they are essentially used to stitch an elaborate design. For each quill a hole is poked and the quill is pulled through. By the time this item is finished, Robert will have invested over 200 hours to produce the elaborate pattern on this decorative box.

Wanda joined us and took me to a display of a wigwam to explain certain rituals and conventions that would be adhered to in First Nations encampments. Visitors would be invited to sit in the most honourable space in the home or wigwam. The same would go for children so they would be able to see everything to the left and to the right of them in order to be able to learn. During winter mats made from rush would be used for insulation against the cold. Baskets were hand- made in order to harvest scallop, clams, or mussels. Each of these particular baskets could hold up to 10 pounds of seafood. Other baskets made from ash were used for potato and apple picking. These baskets were hand-made in large quantities in the 1900s as a major means of economic survival in changing times. Today these baskets are sold as decorative items.

The tipi also features a variety of furs, including lynx, rabbit, mink, red fox and silver fox. During the 1920s and 1930s silver foxes were a real fashion craze in England and many women had a fox fur, complete with head and legs, draped around their necks as a statement of elegance. The fox’ head would be equipped with a clasp so it could be clipped onto the lapel of the lady’s coat.

I learned that the wigwam is made of birch bark. Wigwams were lightweight, which made them easy to move from one location to another and water-resistant. Encampments would be set up near the mouth of rivers, which would provide a plentiful opportunity for food and means of travel. A large part of native diet consisted of fish; the rest was made up of berries, fruits and meats. Often fishing weirs were used for catching eels. Wanda explained that in the last few years about 800 encampments have been found in Nova Scotia with more than 4000 artifacts dating back 2,500 to 4,000 years.

Mi’kmaq hunting traditions included bear traps that were baited with fish. Once the animal was caught, women would remove the guts, the hide and the sinews and carry it back to the camp to prepare it. Excess meat and fat would be scraped off the skin with scraping tools, stones or shells. Wanda informs me that women were very highly respected in First Nations society, as they were life givers. Meals were cooked in a hollowed-out log that held red-hot stones that had been heated over a fire. Water would be poured over the food and the hot stones to cook the meal. Spices were gathered in the forest, and instead of potatoes a plant called the Jerusalem artichoke would be served with the meat. Fish and meat were dried or smoked, and eggs were gathered from marsh birds.

We moved over to a display on Mi’kmaq language and Wanda mentioned that there were 7 Mi’kmaq districts, each with their own chief. The Bear River Reservation is located in a place called “Kespukwik”, meaning “where the water stops flowing”, referring to the Bear River flowing into the Annapolis Basin. Mi’kmaq language is based on action verbs, and pronouns are important indicators of belonging and possession. For instance, the words “mother” or “sister” can never be said by themselves, they always require a pronoun to indicate whose mother we are talking about. The Mi’kmaq words would say “your mother”, “my mother”, or” his/her mother” etc.

At the next display we saw a 1936 picture of Wanda’s great-grandmother, Sarah Fossey who lived until 1961 to the ripe old age of 101. Wanda has fond memories of Sarah who used to bring her grandchildren and great-grandchildren oranges as a special treat. Sarah was captured in a movie from the 1930s that was displayed at the Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre. Wanda was overwhelmed when she first saw moving images of her great-grandmother in the movie.

We also discussed life as a Mi’kmaq today. Wanda explained that Mi’kmaq society was matriarchal until the arrival of the first Europeans. In recent years, from the 1920s to the 1990, the government instituted a policy of residential schools where young native children were taken away from their families and taught the “white man’s ways’. This led to a significant loss in culture and heritage, women’s status eroded as a result and Mi’kmaq family structure suffered. The government wanted to force native children to “integrate” into mainstream society and in the process an ancient way of life was destroyed. Siblings were often not allowed to talk to one another and families were torn apart. Many of the native children suffered from mental, physical and sexual abuse in the residential schools. As a result of these policies, today many elders are learning the Mi’kmaq language from the younger generation.

Today there is a counter-trend where young First Nations people are rediscovering their language, culture and heritage. Of the conditions at the Bear River Reservation Wanda says that it is a managed forest and there is no poverty on the reserve, which holds about 100 people. Wanda herself has lived off the reserve for her entire life and has been self-efficient.

Wanda also explained that having “native status” is an important issue in First Nations communities. Native status confers certain benefits in terms of health care, taxation and schooling. Bill C31, introduced in 1985, improved native women’s status in the sense that they could pass native status on to their first generation children, even if the children were from a mixed native/non-native marriage. Men on the other hand can pass on native status indefinitely through the generations, even if they marry a non-native wife. This often creates economic inequality and friction within the same family where one set of cousins could have native status whereas another cousin would not officially be considered native. Even fairly recent legislation prolongs the European tradition of favouring male bloodlines.

Wanda gave me the names of several books that would provide further education about First Nations life and communities and when I said goodbye, she generously gave me two books to read as a present: “L’sitkuk – The Story of the Bear River Mi’kmaw Community” by Darlene Ricker, and “We Were Not Savages – A Mi’kmaq Perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations” by Daniel N. Paul, excellent reading material to educate myself further about native culture and history. As a parting gift she gave me a handcrafted medicine pouch that she had made herself, an example of the Mi’kmaq tradition of generosity and peacefulness.

I thanked Wanda and the entire team at the Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre for their most interesting introduction to Mi’kmaq heritage and culture and resolved to read these books soon to educate myself. I started driving down the hill and all the people congregated at the local Bear River Band Office waved goodbye to me. It was time for me to continue my drive along the Evangeline Trail to tonight’s final destination: Yarmouth.

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Burberry Fashion Handbags Come in a Variety of Styles

Burberry fashion handbags collection can be one of your most valuable possessions. From the world recognized maker of designer bags, you can choose from different designs that are truly worth keeping.

There are two designs of Prosum handbags that are most popular. The House Check Clutch which sells at $1,000 has an attractive light brown color. Its outstanding features are the crocodile trim, brass lock, magnetic fastener and inside zipper pocket.

If you want a double compartment, get the Leather Tote. At $1,500 this tan colored bag has a middle zipper fastener and front flap.

A special satchel called Nova Check is sold at $500. It has black rolled handles, piping, trim, 2-way top zipper fastener, and inside cell phone pocket. You may choose between black and Nova Check colors. Closely related to this design is the Nova Check Shackle with its leather strap, decorative snap shackle buckle and PVC with black lining. It is sold at $500.

Some designs are made for autumn and winter. The Manor sells at $1,500. Made of leather, this design has double handles, polished brass fittings, zipper top fastener, a brass lock and key. It is available in beige, tan, and black.

Slightly higher in price, the Alligator is sold at $2,000. It features polished brass trims and buckles, 5 feet on the brass, zipper fastener, keyhole pull, and leather covered handles.

There are also handbags by Fabric. The Zip Hobo Check Handbag comes in light brown and costs $500. It features a leather trim, brass fittings, magnetic buckle up, convertible shoulder strap, canvas lining, zipper compartment inside and two pockets.

The Baby Messenger Check Handbag sells at $500. It features a black leather trim, snap over fastener, convertible shoulder strap, shackle buckles, side pockets, nickel fittings, changing pads, and PVC nylon with lining.

If your choice is leather handbags, choose the Backpack at $700. It has exterior pockets, house check, trim piping, brass fittings, inside pockets and convertible shoulder strap.

The Sling that sells at $400, has check trim on all the sides, fold over flap and snap fastener. It comes in red, black, cognac and white.

All these you can have from the popular maker of bags – Burberry fashion.

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